When the veil is thin: Calling the Ancestors through Song with Sororise

The Hive Studios, 420 Pine Street, Burlington VT

Join live-Looping artists Emma Back and Sororise for an evening of remembering and honoring those who have come before through song and ritual.

This is a donation-based concert. You may make a contribution online, or register for free and come prepared to make a contribution to the artists at the culmination of the performance.

Please register online at https://callingtheancestors.eventbrite.com to reserve your seat and help us plan the evening!  

This is a seated concert with the opportunity to connect and socialize in addition to the formal portion of the evening.

You are invited to bring photos of loved ones, a prayer or other offering for the alter and to come dressed in your all-hollows finest! This is a Snack-Luck. Bring something to share or come enjoy the light fare provided.

*please note to find the location go behind Speeder and Earls, look for the bees on the wall and follow the stairs up About the artists: Emma Back is an avant-folk live-looping violinist, singer-songwriter who creates lush layers of Eastern-European influenced vocal and string harmonies, accomplishing a sonic and poetic lyricism that reaches deep into the past and far into the future simultaneously. With lyric content that investigates how to heal personal and global conflict, “(Back’s) charming sensibilities, excellent structuring and arranging, as well as her ability to confound emotionally will likely bring listeners back for repeat encounters” (Jordan Adams, Seven Days). www.emmabackmusic.com Sororise was raised by the Midwest and nurtured by the PNW and now she’s on tour from Urbana, IL. With a background in folk tradition, she now takes up the loop station, synthesizer and electric guitar to find a new way to folk. She writes with her warm guitar, soft harmonies to parse out her identity in this American moment as a feminist, ally, anti-fascist, and friend. https://emilymckown.wixsite.com/sororise