Third single from Little World, "This Fear," out today!

In my personal life, intimate relationship has served an integral role in working with fear and in practicing being the compassionate, loving human being I wish to be in the larger context of the world. 

In my experience, it is within relationship that our fears and resistance to being vulnerable become most visible. 

From this resistance, coupled with the desire to protect ourselves, aggression is born. My teacher, Dzigar Kongrul Rinpoche likes to say, “Aggression is Aggression,” meaning that the energy does not change, only the manifestation, the extent to which we indulge this impulse. 

The same energy that causes harm to our loved ones when we react from fear, is the same impulse that causes violence in the world – it is all driven by fear. You may agree or disagree, but the point here is that though we may be able to easily justify reacting from fear in relationship, most of us will agree that VIOLENCE, in any form, causes harm. And at the root of this violence, we will find fear. 

In working with the natural love, compassion and intimacy we feel with our partner or loved ones, I believe we can learn to strengthen our ability to open up despite our fear and thus, move beyond aggression. It is here, that we learn to surrender, to be seen as we are, to be a little naked and a little less self-protecting. We learn to let down our guard – in a good way. Then, we can go out into the world and perhaps, take a step towards solving issues of violence on a large scale. This song is about my personal journey with this in learning to surrender fear and open up to falling in love.

Blessings and love to you all,




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